OpenTX Telemetry Script

X8R Telemetry on Taranis X9D Plus

Posted on Mon 28 March 2016

Now I'm into that drone thing as well - another hobby that easily eats up as much time as you can spare, and then craves for more ;)

For my custom F450 I've created a telemetry script in Lua to run on a Taranis X9D Plus under OpenTX (tested with 2.1.6), based on olimetry.lua.

Looks like this:


Widgets displayed:

  • Cell voltage (weakest cell)
  • Flight mode
  • Distance to landing point
  • Remote control signal strength
  • GPS sat count and fix quality
  • Altitude
  • Flight time
  • Speed

Published on GitHub:

tags: opentx, taranis, x9d, x8r, lua, code | category: projects