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Now Serving SSL

Just a small side-note: I've found an affordable source for SSL certificates signed by the Comodo root CA, therefore being valid for...

lvsnackup: Backup using LVM Snapshots

Another piece of Bash forgery that automates a common administrative task: creating image-style (i.e. full) backups of logical volumes.... - Error Notification for .timer Units

I'm currently migrating my CRON scripts to systemd .timer units. Unfortunately systemd does not have the feature of sending mails for... Is Back

It contains various packages built from AUR, this time without -march=native which means any x86_64 machine can make use of them. In...

Arch: How to Disable Avahi

As the Arch Wiki does not describe how to actually get rid of Avahi, here's how to properly disable it: $ ln -s /dev/null...

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