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GRUB: A Point against UUIDs

If you're using UUIDs in GRUB in combination with backups via LVM snapshots you might run into trouble, which I happened to learn the ...

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My First Kernel Patch

Today's release of version 4.6 of the Linux Kernel includes something I'm quite a bit emotional about. After all these years of Linux ...

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Strobe Light on FrSky X8R

I was looking for a position (strobe) light for my F450-based quadrocopter when I came across this ready-to-use LED module with JR ...

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Springtime Facelift

As you can see I've switched to a new Pelican theme, cleanblog. It's based on Bootstrap (like almost anything web-based these days) and ...

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OpenTX Telemetry Script

Now I'm into that drone thing as well - another hobby that easily eats up as much time as you can spare, and then craves for more ;) For ...

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